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Our Son, Travis

October 25, 2008

Sorry I was not able to update this sooner but our lives were changed forever last March.  Our 22 year old son, Travis, was killed in an alcohol related car accident.  During times like this you really learn who is there for you.  I would like to thank the members of Mayan Families Connection and Guatemamas for all of your emotional support and gifts.  
My daughter, Lexie had plans to go on a medical mission to Guatemala this past summer.  Our dream was for me to go with her but that had to be cancelled earlier in the winter because of my husband loosing his job.  When these two groups sent me so much, I decided hands down to meet Lexie in Guatemala. 
My first plan of action was to pick a site to build a playground in Memory of Travis.  He loved his baby sister Aliya more than anything, had talked with me about taking a trip to build a home in Guatemala, and was nothing but a big kid at heart.  When he and Aliya played, it was hard to tell who was the 2 year old and who was 22!  Sharon suggested the village of Tierra Linda, where MF families was in the process of building a women's center.  She took us to see it and without a doubt it is one of THE most beautiful places on earth.  So next summer we are hoping to return to Guatemala to help with the building of this playground. 
We had a wonderful time!  Mayan Families is all I thought it would be plus more.  Unbelievable is the word to describe the enormous undertaking of Sharon and the MF staff!  I was able to meet 3 of the girls I sponsor and their mother.  I also got to meet Sandra's grandmother and all of her family.  I was sad to learn that her father had taken her away to live with him and his new woman. 
Not only did I get to take this trip, I was also able to give both families I sponsor chickens, Mother's Day and Father's Day baskets of food, new traje (which is traditional outfits ) for 3 of "my" girls!  And wrote a big check for Anacleta to pay off her loan for her new floor.   I was able to send money to help a family pay for a funeral they couldn't afford.  All of this was possible because of the sales of things from this website and the hearts of gold that truly have been my rock in this storm I am trying to muddle through.  My eternal gratitude MFCers and Guatemamas!
In addition I need to Thank George Lewis of the Florence, Oregon Rotary Club for designating I think, 100 water filters that read in honor of Travis.  Lexie and I were fortunate enough to have had the honor of helping distribute many of these water filters while we were there.  I just recieved pictures today of more of these being given out in Panabaj.  This village was on of the hardest hit by Hurricans Stan.  Lexie and I witnessed such horrific conditions there.  No humans should have to live like that.  So sad.  George is a wonderful man who is dedicated to bringing clean water to Guatemala through the Rotary Club's grant programs.  If you buy one for $50 you get 3 free!  Do it in honor of someone you love!  Just think 4 families will get clean, healthy water to drink with no parasites or other nasty bugs!  The link to George's organization is in the links section. 

Travis and Aliya playing on a sandbar

Travis and I

my kids: Corbin, Lexie, Travis and Aliya

Travis being Travis

My girls with new traje

Mother's Day basket for Anacleta & Juana

Me giving Anacleta, Regina, Berta & Juana their chickens

Me helping with chickens! Regina is in the picture too!

Sandra's grandmother and myself on chicken day!

Family in Panabaj receiving a Travis water filter

Sandra's abuela, cousin & myself with gifts for family

Thank you George and Florence Rotary!

This is going to be the site of the playground we are going to have built as a memorial to Travis.

Berta, Regina, Anacleta, Juana, myself & Lexie with gifts for them

Lexie and I with a Travis Memorial water filter

January, 2008
These are the girls I sponsor for school.  Regina and Berta started 7th grade this year, which meant an increase in their tuition.   The sale of a couple of rosaries helped pay for this increase.   Thank you so much, Anita, for helping making this possible!





December, 2007
I was able to purchase a Tamale Basket for my sponsored families with the help of the sale of some jewelry.  These baskets have enough food to feed a family of 10 their traditional Christmas Eve meal.   Thank you for the purchases that made this possible!



October 24, 2007

A very special person saw my web site and became interested in helping Mayan Families.  She sent me a check and told me to spend it any way I wanted too.   The profits from a sale of a couple of pairs of earrings, Thank you Kare!, together with this donation made it possible for this special little baby boy to get to his doctor's check up for an assessment.  He needed to make it to this appointment so a team of Volunteer Orthopedic Docs can treat  him when they go to Guatemala in December.  The doctor is about three hours away and transportation was needed to get him there very early Monday morning.  I did this in honor of my sister who was born with club foot.  Living in the US, she had all of the medical care she needed and is fine.  This little baby could really have a challenging life if his foot doesn't get treated properly.   Please keep him in your prayers!  A heartfelt thank you to Bonnie P and Kare for helping make this possible.



August 14, 2007

Sandra received her new bed I was able to purchase for her thanks to the sale of some rosaries.  A big thank you to Jackie and Carol for their support!  The first picture is of the boards Sandra and her two little sister's used to have to sleep on.  The next picture is of Sandra with her new bed.  May she have many  peaceful nights!



July 19, 2007

This precious angel's name is Julia.  She is holding a Rosary her mother gave her as a gift for her First Communion.  The proceeds from this sale and a couple of others will be used to purchase a bed for my girl I sponsor and traditional clothing for her sister.   I will post pictures of the new bed as soon as I receive them.


May 29, 2007

I am so excited to post this update.  I was able to send money to Mayan Families to purchase a guipil and corte for one of the girls I sponsor with the proceeds from the sale of some rosaries.  There was even a little bit left to purchase some formula for her baby sister.  Thank you Jackie and Carol for your purchases!  I have uploaded pictures of my "girl" receiving the traditional clothing.  Doesn't she look proud?  I cannot wait to meet her in person!!